Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Scooter’s Jungle Franchise Opposed to starting my own business?

Creating your own business without experience or support is a complicated and risky endeavor – ask a banker! At Scooter’s Jungle, the business systems and operating models have already been created and proven for you.
The most successful franchisees are deeply involved in their business with some locations opting for a multi-unit business model that trains and certifies “designated” managers to oversee daily operations.
Each new franchise owner and store manager will attend Jungle University, our ten-day interactive training program held in Aliso Viejo, California. Consisting of both hands-on and classroom instruction, Jungle University will fully equip you to smoothly operate your Scooter’s Jungle. We also visit your store 60-90 days after opening to provide an additional full week of training and support.
Our team will guide you during the development phase of your franchise with site selection, store layout and design, equipment specification, product procurement and management training.
You will benefit from on-going marketing programs, operational assistance and personal visits by our highly qualified franchise business consultants who have store knowledge.
Yes. Scooter’s Jungle uses a proprietary point-of-sale (POS) and software system allowing for on-line booking, customer invitations / thank you cards, electronic check-in as well as the maintenance of each event, inventory tracking, bookkeeping, purchasing, payroll, management reporting and more. You will be trained to operate the POS system and have support available 24/7.
The timing varies, but in general it takes about 6-12 months from the time you execute your franchise agreement.
With the assistance of a qualified commercial real estate agent, you will identify potential locations using our site selection criteria and we’ll be right with you every step of the way!
Adequate capital is critical for your success. The banks typically require net worth of ~$750,000 and liquidity of ~$150,000.
The length of time varies depending upon the municipality’s permitting requirements. Once permits are secured, most Scooter’s Jungle entertainment centers are open for parties within three months.
Federal and state laws prohibit any franchisor from providing projected earnings figures. We have provided gross sales figures, CGS and Labor figures within our franchise disclosure document (FDD), which is emailed to you during discussions with our franchise team.