Small Business Success with Word of Mouth

Growing your business may be challenging, but never doubt the power of Word of Mouth! Word of Mouth marketing has been around much longer than print communication, even online communication; it has been around the longest, and is the most successful.

So how do you achieve successful Word of Mouth marketing? Scooter’s Jungle gives you insights on key success factors:

• Encourage Communication by using social media, forum and feedback tools, and even developing collateral to allow the ease of communication to friends and others.

• Give People Something to Talk About by making information available to be shared or forwarded and enhance your publicity.

• Create Communities and Connect People with blogging forums, creating user groups, and hosting discussion boards to discuss your product or service.

• Work with Influential Communities such as finding people or organizations that can support your business, make an arrangement to support each other’s businesses.

• Research and Listen to Customer Feedback by responding to social media comments, track online and possibly offline conversations, and listen and respond to both positive and negative comments.

• Encourage Transparent Communication and Information Sharing by letting customers “behind the curtain” and create more honest two-way conversations and information sharing.
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